Focus on25years the development and production of heat insulation coatings
Integration of heat insulation, waterproof, leakage stop, thermal insulation and corrosion protection of professional houses
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Provide thermal insulation coating
and construction scheme
Housing heat insulation, cooling, waterproof,
crack resistance, leak proof integration project
Professional team
Selection suitable     construction plan
Efficient scheme      acceptance

Construction tools and technical requirements of construction team:

Jiangsheng works out the construction scheme according to the customer's requirements and on-site investigation, which is implemented according to the strict national standards to ensure that every link of the project is qualified. It can save cost, time and manpower for customers.

Jiangsheng professional undertake new and renovated road paint construction project:

Road signs machinery, road safety barriers, road signs, traffic lights, road signs facilities, traffic safety facilities and equipment sales; Road marking construction; Installation service of transportation facilities.

Product Center

Thermal insulation coating

It is suitable for housing engineering, community pavement, school runway, roof, wall, office building, hospital and other concrete structure surface

Heat insulation, cooling, waterproof, anti crack and anti leakage

Nano thermal insulation and waterproof coating

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Thermal insulation coating series

Surface cooling 15-25°

The life of green environmental
protection is 20-30 years

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Fire retardant coating series

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Waterproof coating series

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Energy storage luminous paint

It is suitable for highway, tunnel, traffic sign, landscape, subway, hospital, station, shopping mall, etc

Light storage and luminescence, good weather resistance and waterproof performance

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Tunnel energy storage luminous paint

The reflection rate 95% 

Absorbing light energy

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Fluorescent paint series

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Road marking materials

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Case study of Painting Engineering

The implementation of projects all over the country, the completion of projects in line with national standards

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Choose Jiang Sheng's
big core advantage
Customized solution
For the same coating, the cost will be different if the scheme is different.
Has a number of honorary certificates
Through ISO9000 quality management accreditation, selected as the "top ten brands of China's building materials industry"
High production efficiency
The same day proofing, one day shipment, can undertake large projects.
Professional construction team
    To undertake the national paint construction services, to provide paint and construction one-stop solutions

"Jiangsheng" road energy storage luminous coating

Domestic Road facade warning paint for safety

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Dongguan Jiangsheng polymer material Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production, construction and sales. The company has a professional paint construction team, the construction business covers the whole country, and the construction scheme can be formulated according to the paint coating project. The construction scope includes the sales of road sign machinery, road...

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